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Bowel Screening Programme Posted or Updated on 5 Oct 2023

Bowel Screening Programme in Wales


From October 2023, the Bowel Screening Wales programme will begin inviting people aged 51 to 54 for the first time for bowel cancer screening. This will be implemented in a phased approach over 12 months from October 2023 to September 2024. Eligible people will be invited automatically when they are due; they do not need to contact us to request a bowel screening test kit.  The programme will continue to invite those aged 55 to 74 years old. This is the third stage of the programmes age expansion/optimisation plan.


Evidence shows that screening people at a younger age would enable more bowel cancers to be picked up at an earlier stage, where treatment is likely to be more effective and survival chances improved.


People, aged 51 to 74, will be invited for bowel screening with a free NHS test kit sent to their homes every 2 years. 


Bowel Screening Information Leaflet - this is the information leaflet that we include in our bowel screening invitation pack.


Bowel Screening Instruction Leaflet - this is the instruction leaflet that we include in our bowel screening invitation pack, it explains how to do the test.


Bowel Screening Easy Read – Easy read information is published on our website

Accessible Resources - Public Health Wales (


Bowel Screening FAQ’s - FAQ’s that are published on our website


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